The Digital Interview

I don't want to interview people. I want to have a conversation.

The Digital Interview is one of its kind, covering up the industrial gap is really important, moreover facing the world, communication holds its importance in a unique manner.  This program will unleash different professionals to tell them about how to balance the life work. what practices will ensure success in life?

Brand value

Talking about everything is good, and this will help us increase the brand value, here we may refer yourself as a brand.


The digital interview is itself an investment if not in terms of money, but in form of time. and this will reward in terms of self confidence, learning, earning, connectivity and much more.

Host A Webinar

Certain online learners may know more about technology than their online instructors, while others are new to the world of IT.

The Digital Interview Benefit

01. Skill Development

PointerThread program offers many opportunities for the students or professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge in the particular field or technologies by taking part in research during the studies or Job

The Digital Interview Benefit

02. Research

Students / Professionals have the opportunity to have advance knowledge of the technology of their interest that actually does not end in the classroom.

The Digital Interview Benefit

03. No Restrictions

opportunities facilitate students / professional’s individual growth and development in their field of interest. PointerThread program opportunity is open for all students / professionals around Pakistan.