Student Partners are vital asset of community

Welcome to Student Partner Program at KOT Enterprises (Private) Limited, Students partners are a global group of students that learn how to help other students at campuses.


What is this all about?

Student Partner program is structured keeping in mind all about the student needs, that one may acquire to plan a successful career, timely and effectively. Student partner program is having four levels to compete and get acknowledged within the community.

Come to KOT Enterprises as a student partner and your team will welcome you as a full contributor, like any other employee. That’s just one reason why you can have so much impact here. You’ll get hands-on experience. Yes, you’ll learn from them, but they expect to learn from you, too.

Insider Student Partner

Insider Level– this is the beginning of new journey we can understand that you are here looking to learn, and get yourself something exceptional at campus

VIP Student Partner

VIP Level– this is the time to know about the skillset, make a path out of it.

VVIP Student Partner

VVIP Level– this is the time you are known in campus. You will be arranging hackathons, getting linked into industrial connections.

Elite Student Partner

Elite Level– this is the time you are fully prepared to be the hero of community, having best skills, ready to have multiple certifications incorporated with in your curriculum vitae.

You are the next KOT Student Partner

You are: 

A loyal KOT-E partner with a passion for any technology.
Well-connected on campus with a strong network of campus activities and organisations.
Outgoing and excited to share with your peers the benefits of KOT-E Student Partners
Energised by the opportunity to integrate KOT-E Student into on-campus events.
A social media influencer who’s up-to-date on the latest digital trends and platforms.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Take responsibility starting on Day-1 and get your hands dirty in the field
  • Research market segments and identify potential partners in these segments in different universities
  • Promote KOT-E Student on your campus for 6-8 hours each week, for 6-11 weeks during Student Partnership Program period
  • Identify on-campus events where you can showcase KOT-E Student by hosting engaging activities that allow your peers to experience the benefits of KOT-E
  • Create and publish creative KOT-E Student content on your personal, public Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • You must have to be a part of at least ONE team like Social Media Team, Marketing Team, Business Team, Graphics Team, etc.
  • Attend weekly, 30-minute status calls and participate in online group chats
  • Prepare internal partner events such as hackathons and business events
    Report on all activity by submitting event plans, recaps, and social media screenshots
You will Gain
  • Participation in the network of KOT-E Student Campus Managers/Lead
  • Ongoing coaching and professional development support from the KOT-E team
  • Get trained by our expertise and technical expertise of your interested technologies
  • Engage you with any Real-Time project which will enhance your technical skills
  • Experience in both marketing and leadership, a valuable resume-builder
  • A high paced startup environment with low hierarchies
  • Prospect of a permanent job at a fast-growing startup
  • Certificate at the end of the Program