The Complete Python Masterclass: Learn Python from Scratch

This hand-on course is a step-by-step guide to learn Python which the instructor will teach step-by-step, thoroughly explaining every line of code along with quoting suitable examples to make the concept even more clear. Instructor will be there for trainees everytime to answer their queries. The course has been specially designed with quality content in a way so as the students find it easier to grasp concepts like Python, Django, Data Analysis, Flask, Tkinter, OpenCV, Desktop App development with PostgreSQL & Web Scraping.

The Complete Python Masterclass: Learn Python from Scratch

What you’ll learn
• Learn the basic structure of any html document.
• Learn about Links and Navigation.
• How to add Images, Audio and Videos to enhance visual appearance.
• How to create Tables.
• How to create Forms.
Learn about Frames.
• How to create Cascading Style Sheets.
• Learn about Page Layout.
Learn about Design Issues.
• Learn and work with JavaScript.
How to Put your website on the web.


Trainee requires a computer with proper internet connection.
Trainee requires to ensure availability of proper internet connection for taking lectures and downloading them.
Trainee will be able to create a website of their own.
This course does not require any prior technical knowledge or programming skills.
Trainee should be dedicated and passionate to learn a new skill.

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Module 1


Module 2

Make GUI In Python Using Tkinter.

Module 3

Images, Audio, and Video

Module 4

Data Analysis.

Module 5

Python Web Framework Django.

Module 6

Python Web Framework Flask.

Module 7

REST APIs Using Django Rest Framework.

Module 8

Web Scraping in Python.

Module 9

Automation with Python & Selenium.

Module 10

Best Practices: Writing Clean & Efficient Python Code.

Module 11

 Image Processing With Python & OpenCV.

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