Pakistan's Community of digital literates

Pointer thread is one of its kind, the usage and comprehension of information in the digital age, digital literacy was an essential life skill which should be taught in all areas of education, including the corporate training sector. But teaching tech skills can be tricky in traditional online training environments, as it lacks one crucial component: firsthand experience. Fortunately, online training gives you the power to put technical skills into action and promote digital literacy.

Self Exploration

Online learners should be able to explore the digital resources on their own, which emphasizes the real-world applications of this vital skill.

Resource Guide

Formal online training in digital literacy can help online learners differentiate between fact and fiction, especially in regards to online resources that may contain inaccurate information or opinion-based content.

Set Some Ground Rules

Online learners need to be aware of how to use the online tools effectively. This also involves Internet netiquette.

eLearning Strategy

eLearning strategies that are already in place and determine how you can interject learning technologies.

Writing Blogs

Blogging is good for your career. A well-executed blog sets you apart as an expert in your field.

Host A Webinar

Certain online learners may know more about technology than their online instructors, while others are new to the world of IT.

PointerThread Benefit

01. Skill Development

PointerThread program offers many opportunities for the students or professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge in the particular field or technologies by taking part in research during the studies or Job

PointerThread Benefit

02. Research

Students / Professionals have the opportunity to have advance knowledge of the technology of their interest that actually does not end in the classroom.

PointerThread Benefit

03. No Restrictions

opportunities facilitate students / professional’s individual growth and development in their field of interest. PointerThread program opportunity is open for all students / professionals around Pakistan.