KSP Team Leads

“A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be."

Ali Shahroze

Graphics Team Lead

Working as a team lead for the graphics team here, at the student partner program, is not only a responsibility, moreover its about the exceptional hardworking leading qualities and stuff. I lead the most creative minds, that put every concept in visualisation. it's a great opportunity. but all because of my dedicated team.

Arooj Ishfaq

Logistics Team Lead

Logistics is an extensive work flow, that is to be understood in depth. its all about monitoring techniques, cool behaviour, and yes, I am leading the department of Logistics for the Student Partner Program at KOT Enterprises. It's a honour for me, to grab an important seat, its a result to the hardworking attitude we have here.

Hira Shahid

Public Relations - Team Lead

I am the spokesperson for whole program, you will be finding me on front face of the program. my strong and confidence is all because of the support and friendly coordination from the internal teams.

Larib Fatima

The Geek Girl - Team Lead

Being a women in society is an asset to be proud of, the program I lead here, is all about a girl grooming how to live and excel in life, learn how to interact, how to secure herself. I am leading this, proves myself an example for all

Sajid Ghafoor

Digital Marketing - Team Lead

Being a team lead, its my responsibility to ensure the outreach and implementation of digital marketing in a right manner. want to learn about implementing digital marketing in a right manner. join us at KOT Student Partner Community program.

Muhammad Ehtisham Raza

Alpha Advanced Research Program - Team Lead

Research and Development are the building foundations of anything. I am leading the Alpha Advanced Research Program here. I will teach all about how to conduct research in beginning. how to use information in a beneficial way.

Zainab Rafaqat

Content Development - Team Lead

Content is the backbone of all, all the material you read here, is by our team, if you are passionate, about the content. I am here, an example how company leverage us by assigning us responsible seats. this is my hardworking and promising team that help me enjoy this designation.