Complete WordPress Course

This course is a step-by-step guide for beginners to gradually learn WordPress and the awesome page builder Elementor. It’s the easiest page builder used by people to customize themes and adding functionalities for their websites. Beginning with installing and configuring WordPress on your device, you will learn how to get a domain name through a webhosting company or by webhosting on your own device. Elementor is a live frontend editor as you can create and edit your website by simultaneously viewing the changes. It works with sections comprising of rows, columns and further several modules as images, videos, text, forms etc.

Complete WordPress Course | Elementor

• Trainee requires a computer with proper internet connection.
• Trainee requires to ensure availability of proper internet connection for taking lectures and downloading them.
• Trainee will be able to create a website and will learn that you have to pay in order to get a domain name and for webhosting.
• Programming isn’t a prerequisite of this course.
What you’ll learn
• How to master WordPress and Elementor. Create beautiful pages, post and portfolio items using this amazing editor.
• How to install WordPress on your computer.
• How to create a website from the ground up using WordPress.

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Module 1


Module 2

Installing WP

Module 3

Setting up the environment

Module 4

Setting up the Database

Module 5

Understanding WP Admin

Module 6

Themes and Plugins

Module 7

Setting up a theme

Module 8

Getting Started with Elementor

Module 9

Building a custom website from scratch

Module 10

Adding Functionality to website

Module 11

Going live with your website

Module 12

Understanding Servers & FTP

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This course is Awesome.


This course is the best