Beginning HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.

This course is a complete guide to learn web development for beginners in which the instructor will teach step-by-step, thoroughly explaining every line of code beginning with basic concepts. Instructor will be there for trainees everytime to answer their queries. The course has been specially designed in such a way so as the students find it easier to grasp concepts.

Beginning HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.

What you’ll learn
• Learn the basic structure of any html document.
• Learn about Links and Navigation.
• How to add Images, Audio and Videos to enhance visual appearance.
• How to create Tables.
• How to create Forms.
Learn about Frames.
• How to create Cascading Style Sheets.
• Learn about Page Layout.
Learn about Design Issues.
• Learn and work with JavaScript.
How to Put your website on the web.

• Trainee requires a computer with proper internet connection.
• Trainee requires to ensure availability of proper internet connection for taking lectures and downloading them.
• Trainee will be able to create a website of their own.
• This course does not require any prior technical knowledge or programming skills.
• Trainee should be dedicated and passionate to learn a new skill.

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Module 1

Structuring Documents for the Web

Module 2

Links and Navigation.

Module 3

Images, Audio, and Video

Module 4


Module 5


Module 6


Module 7

Cascading Style Sheets

Module 8

Page Layout

Module 9

Design Issues

Module 10

Learning Javascript

Module 11

Working with JavaScript

Module 12

Putting Your Site on the Web

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