Ultimate AWS Certified Developer Associate

This hands-on course will help you learn and pass the most demanding AWS certified developer associate exam. This course provides in-depth insight to all the the new topics on the AWS Certified Developer DVA-C01 exam. It teaches practical information to prepare for the AWS exam with relevant and appropriate slides and downloadable helping material.

Ultimate AWS Certified Developer Associate

What you’ll learn
• Pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification (DVA-C01)
• Get a hand at 400+slides available to download.
• Apply the right AWS services for your future real-world AWS projects.
• Deploy an application using Elastic Beanstalk and AWS CICD tools with full automation
• Understand Serverless API using AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB & Cognito
• Write infrastructure as code using AWS CloudFormation
• Implement messaging and integration patterns using AWS SQS, SNS & Kinesis
• Master the CLI, SDK and IAM security best practices in EC2
• Monitor, Trace and Audit your microservices using CloudWatch, X-Ray and CloudTrail
• Secure your entire AWS Cloud using KMS, Encryption SDK, IAM Policies & SSM
• Trainee must have prior programming knowledge (functions, environment variables, CLI & JSON).
• AWS cloud experience is not necessary.
• We’ll use the AWS Free Tier to explore AWS services.
• Windows / Linux / Mac OS X Machine.

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Module 1

The AWS Fundamentals

Module 2


Module 3

Deploy an application

Module 4

Infrastructure as code with AWS CloudFormation

Module 5

Monitoring, Troubleshooting & Audit

Module 6

AWS Integration & Messaging

Module 7

AWS Serverless

Module 8

ECS, ECR & Fargate: Docker in AWS

Module 9

AWS Security best practices

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